Our goal is to create and maintain a school culture that welcomes, recognizes, and celebrates diversity in all of its forms, including, but not limited to, diversity of socio-economic background, culture, physical appearance, race, national or ethnic background, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, family structure, religion, perspective, physical disability, learning style, linguistic difference, and age.

We strive to foster trust, empathy, and conscientiousness through our pedagogy, operations, and activities, both inside the classroom and in our larger school community. In addition, we continually examine how bias and privilege affect our perceptions of the world around us and what we can do to challenge and change any biases we might currently hold, no matter how discomforting they may be to confront.

Port Washington Children’s Center is commitment to diversity requires the support and participation of our entire community. The daily work of students, staff and parents draws a direct line to our vision of a more equitable, harmonious, peaceful, and inclusive world.

Social Justice in Action

Diversity and social rights are highly valued at PWCC. Children, educators, and staff, all work together to create an environment school where everybody is seen and celebrated. Every individual realizes that they can carry each part of their identity into the classroom.

Here are a couple of instances of the manners in which personality work, and learning social rights and activism have appeared in homerooms:

Early Childhood

School Aged