Our enrichment programs allow children to develop their inherent talents and reach their full potential by giving them opportunities to try new things. With a variety of enrichment programs available, the Port Washington Children’s Center is sure to offer something that will interest your child! Our current programs include art, theater, music & movement, and yoga!

Music & Movement

The Music and Movement program at Port Washington Children’s Center and Port After School Program is designed to engage students creatively in both the mind and body. With a focus on the basics of music, they learn basic music vocabulary, how to find and maintain a steady beat, and how to build rhythms and melodies. Through use of a wide range of genres spanning from classical to modern rock, our kids are garnering an appreciation for different art forms, as well as a passion for creating their own. Through Music and Movement, our students from early childhood to fifth grade are building important cognitive and motor skills, learning to successfully work in groups, gaining confidence through performance, and finding and celebrating their individuality through this movement-based musical medium.


During theatre curriculum I am working on familiarizing the children with both their voices and bodies. With focus on speech and movement in a positive, reaffirming way, the curriculum will encourage children of all ages to feel more comfortable using their bodies and voices with peers, audiences, and the adults in their lives with confidence and excitement. Theatre curriculum supports the development of creative, imagination play while also exploring real world aspects and building self esteem in each and every child.


This fun class allows children to shake their sillies out. The class encourages self-expression and movement as children develop motor skills. Through a combination of yoga poses, music, games and breathing work, children learn to build focus, concentration, strength, and confidence. Various breathing exercises teach children to calm their bodies through various breathing exercises. Each class ends with a “Quiet Time” relaxation. Our yoga teacher seeks to empower, inspire, and teach young people the joy of yoga.